Home Sweet Home

Inside and Out

We’ve been invited to make an offer.

We’ve rented this home for over five years. Time for a change.
I’ve never seen the landlord and in five years they’ve not seen their property.
We apologize for the over grown look. The street view people just had bad timing.
Our garage was burgled and they stole all our yard tools.

Let’s take a tour.
It’s hard to pick a place to start.
At the front is good.

While considering our offer, bringing the house into code and up to the standards of the surrounding homes would be a must.

We’ll be needing a new driveway.

Looks like all the terra-cotta tiles will have to go. They just won’t stay put.

All the ornamental iron work will need major repair or replacement. The hand rail is loose and the awning supports are rusting away.

Don’t let the little window air conditioner fool you. We only needed it for a month.
There is a central HVAC system.
You can’t see it, but this house has aluminum siding, two layers of it.
You can’t see the dip in the roof over the front bedroom either.
The shingles are old and tired, both layers.
Those things will need to be addressed.

Let’s look out back.

Only one of the three supports connects to the porch, with a brick. Looks like the porch might be sinking. The brick facade has tilted away from the porch. Someone added some bricks under the concrete to help, I guess.

There’s not much wood on the outside of the siding.
It hasn’t been painted in very long time.

The other side

The roof shingles are drawing up.
The seal for the addition is not satisfactory.
In extreme weather the tub plumbing is at risk of freezing.
Temperatures of 25 degrees or lower will cause a required intervention.

To the garage.

The two very tall tress on the north side of the garage have lifted that side by more than two inches.
The building is so out of square the door will never close again.
The flat catch all roof has had a large branch poke a hole.
The garage floods in a modest rain, not from the roof, from the elevated side at the floor and wall.
Rats and squirrels are impossible to keep out.
Squirrels in the front and rats in the back shop area.
The rats chew through the wall for entrance.
The building, slab and trees will have to go.

Let’s go inside.

Remember all that siding and two roofs?
We are not level in the house.
The house weighs too much for it’s foundation.
The south side is settling.
Without intervention it will not stop.

The settling of the house causes the most serious problems.

There are two chimney’s.

Neither of the chimney’s are moving.
The plumbing vent pipes are not moving.
The house settles around them.
The black material on the chimney is not mold, it’s tar or goop that’s been applied way too many times.
It will never hold a seal to keep the rain out.

The leak has caused a persistent ever growing mold problem.
All the walls with this will have to be treated or replaced.

The location of the bath plumbing combined with the hotel style valve are a problem.
The valve does not allow for the recommended drip during freezing weather.
The tub drain has and will freeze as well.
The notion that heat tape will resolve this only applies if the electricity is on.
It also causes unnecessary increase in the light bill.
This extension always endures extreme temperatures.
In the summer it gets extra warm in winter extra cold.
This makes the caulking crack before it’s time.

The HVAC floor vents are catch-alls.

They are very large in size.
As you can see the plenums are made of wood.
That wood is very old now.
These vents run under the house they return air from under the house mixed with air from in the house.

The fireplace in the living room has gas logs.
It does not have a flue.
The fireplace, vent hood, and attic door are heat vacuums.
They suck heat out faster than you can make it.

There are many other issues as well.

A professional home inspector is in order.
We might make an offer before that.